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Who Killed Captain Wissam Eid?

January 25, 2008 @ No Comments

All the Lebanese should once and for all accept the fact that the assassinations have one target: The International Tribunal.

It is heart breaking when the Lebanese disagree among themselves when assassinations like today’s take place.

They must understand that such explosions don’t happen because there is a political vacuum that needs to be filled and they don’t happen because the Seniora government is negligent with the Lebanese people’s security. They don’t happen because “Alqaeda” is attacking some vague American interests in Lebanon and they don’t happen because the Israelis want to weaken Hezbollah.

Just look at today’s target. Captain Wissam Eid was responsible for a security branch that analyzes sensitive data (phone calls..etc) that will be very useful evidence in the international tribunal. The tribunal that was set up to find and try the killers of Lebanese martyrs like Pierre Gemayel, Gebran Tueni, Samir Kassir and Rafic Hariri.

The most insulting analysis one can come across is that Alqaeda is doing it. Those bearded idiots are definitely not the ones who read in today’s newspaper that progress is being made in the international Tribunal, and then decided to eliminate an obscure key official in charge of sensitive data as a warning.

We should all know better and for once get it.


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