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August 30, 2010 @ No Comments

You are taking an e-learning course, you’ve got an online job, you have an e-account, and you got an e-boyfriend?

Shouldn’t you be in love with your laptop, your cables and your webcam?

This is the world’s evolution! Next thing we will be seeing ourselves living in our beds, no need to get up at all. Those among you who have watched the cartoon movie “Wall-E” would know what I am talking about. A straw providing PEPSI eternally, a burger machine instead of a closet, and a pee pot to pee “sur place”.

Now imagine the amount of accumulating fat, the love handles by kilos and the chunky cheesy cheeks and necks.

I don’t want to even think about what would happen to all the growing hair and eyebrows.

No good income will result out of any kind of addiction. But would it be an addiction when your career is at the stake?

For the readers who are waiting for a solution, I would like to tell you that I ain’t got none!


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