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Intestines of a Brunette

May 11, 2010 @ No Comments
Intestines of a Brunette

So do you wanna flirt with the waitress on our first date?

Fine, I’ll just right click on you > send to recycle bin. Then double click on recycle bin> empty contents. Then I can go home, have a cheese sandwich, a diet Pepsi, watch Prison Break, cry over my luck and straight to bed.

Attracting all kind of psychedelic over the past 10 years, I have set up my rules lately. You will be dumped as of your first mistake and I count:

-talking about your ex

-talking too much

-not talking at all

-flirting with my friends

-flirting with strangers

-flirting with neighbors

-cheating, lying, snoring, whining, mucking, frowning, cursing…. (Please email me to receive the full list)

Please note that the list is valid for all ages and nationalities. I will not accept any compromises from now on, either you pass the check list or you don’t.

Be aware of one thing: once a point is checked there is no coming back. You will receive a right click straight on your dumb head leading you to a partition that will later be formatted.

Now who is inviting me for dinner?


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