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Misguided: Your Source For Misguided Advice

October 2, 2010 @
Misguided: Your Source For Misguided Advice

If you’ve been dying to find an advice column that specializes in the awkward, off-the-wall, and totally random situations, then you’ve found it! We provide often misguided, a tad realistic–but mostly misguided–advice to people who can’t seem to find an answer to their problems.

The concept for this column was created by Pierre and Janine who, between them, have pretty much experienced every awkward and random situation out there. Of course, that’s not to say they claim to be experts in giving advice. Far from it—they are probably the most unqualified. However, they relish the hunt for finding the unorthodox solution to any problem. Their favorite part of the process is when they finally unleash the advice on unsuspecting people. It’s always Bastille Day for these two!

About The Authors

When asked to describe Janine in one word, most people almost always come up with ‘random’. It’s very true. There’s never a real process for anything she has to do. If she’s in ‘contemplation’ mode, forget about understanding the inner-workings of her mind. Words, phrases, sounds, shapes, people and places drift through her mind on a regular basis; especially, ones that have nothing to do with whatever happens to be the issue du jour. Often times in her life, she’s found herself in the most ridiculous situations that she’s had to wing through. Sure, some of those could have been avoided, but who thinks that far ahead?

Pierre, on the other hand, would be described by almost anyone intimately familiar with the couple and their shenanigans, as the sane one. Although he might seem like the perfect poster child for Asperger’s syndrome every once in a while, he is the most socially adjusted one of the pair. When he is not busy trying to make sense out of his sidekick’s insane “randomness”, he is a very dedicated social worker, and has been regularly observed assisting chickens in “getting to the other side”. Nevertheless, and as if his current philanthropic acts were not enough, he has agreed to volunteer a handful of his grains of sand, in answering any queries the general populous might have about love, life and anything that he could Google.    

Pierre and Janine’s friendship began almost ten years ago. Well, the length is a bit hazy, but it’s somewhere around that number. Ever since the first time they chatted, they’ve been engaged in a never-ending battle over pretty much… everything. Even when they agree on something, they never cease to find a way to personally insult each other for the sake of… insulting each other. On the occasion where they end up on the same team, it’s usually preceded by disaster signs and warnings for the rest of the population.

In Conclusion…

They pledge to answer each and every one of your requests for advice, no matter what the problem. They promise to always litter their advice with rants that might, or might not, have anything to do with your problem. They can’t promise they won’t argue. In fact, you can count on seeing their arguments in the same column. But at the end of the day, did you really expect an ordinary response to your problem when you wrote to them?

Whether your neighbors are threatening you with an all out nuclear war, or they are simply back to their old habits of building illegal settlements in disputed land. If you think your husband is cheating on you, or you just want to gossip about your neighbor’s significant other, drop us a few lines below and we will get on it STAT! On the other hand, if your house is on fire, don’t be a stooge dude, call 911.

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We provide often misguided, a tad realistic--but mostly misguided--advice to people who can't seem to find an answer to their problems.
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