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My Heart is crying – Rayfoun is crying

July 21, 2010 @ No Comments
My Heart is crying – Rayfoun is crying

Anyone passing through Rayfoun, would stop by Yves, sit with him on the stairs, have a smoke, have a beer, talk, cry, laugh, joke and the day is much better.

One day he was here, one night he is gone and my brain still cannot believe it. How can he be gone? Why should he be gone? Aren’t there enough bastards in this world that deserve to be wiped out and vanish? Why can’t we vote and chose the people that should disappear before others? We could rank them 1-extra fast, 2-fast, 3-doesn’t matter, 4-shouldn’t disappear; maybe the pain will be easier if the power of voting rules.

Maybe the pain would be easier if one person, only one person hated Yves, or fought with Yves, or disliked Yves, or didn’t fell in love with Yves. Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t use to run to his house to tell him what’s happening with me, and maybe it would have been Ok if he didn’t use to make everything easier and make me laugh again.

Until I will have an answer, I will hate the earth justice system and I will hate the fire and the smoke and I will hate funerals.
My heart is crying, Yves is gone


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