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The world’s Garbage

September 7, 2010 @ No Comments
The world’s Garbage

He is 12 years old and is smoking a cigarette!

I run to take a photo of him and was stopped many times by my friends saying that it is not really ethical to catch him on cam and that his parents might sue me.

Well, I think I am gonna sue his parents for:
1-letting him smoke
2-letting him smoke in public

He is in no position to promote the coolness of cigarette in front of other children!

Parents, WAKE UP, follow your children. Take the advantage of being able to interfere in their lives before they are 18.
Your job is not only to dress him, feed him and give him pocket money. No matter how scrambled the 21st century is, there are do’s and don’ts that we should adhere to specially when it comes to our children. EXPLAIN to them the harm! Show them examples! Show them a smoker’s lungs photo, it will do the job.

Cigarettes are all the garbage of the world that cannot be dumped anywhere for pollution reasons. So they are dumped in our lungs where nobody can see except an X-Ray machine.

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