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Tornado Daisy

May 10, 2010 @ No Comments
Tornado Daisy

We always brag having the Lebanese sea few minutes away from the mountains and the fact that we are able to take a swim in the Mediterranean and then have a Hookah on an altitude of 2000m high. Known as a four season country, I just saw two this year.

For 30 years I wait for the daisies on 21st of March.

2010 brought the daisies early February which kept me shocked for a minute or two while I was walking my way home from the market.

The financial crisis who hit the entire world just touched our ski resorts including trainers, amateurs and all relevant shops and restaurants.  Waiting for snow, we got daisies!

It’s to be classified under severe weather changes though it is neither a Katrina nor a Rita but still it is a Daisy!


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