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Traffic Accident Damour-Jiyyeh

September 8, 2010 @ No Comments
Traffic Accident Damour-Jiyyeh

6 dead, 20 injured

3ala autostrade Damour-Jiyeh

Enno Aslan, I have never seen in my life, in Lebanon any “Che7ne” ma fiya 7oumoule zeyde, w mechye domn 2wenin el ser3a w ma 3am betdawbil 3a 7ada!

This is the first time I am happy when I hear about a “Terrible Accident” occurring chou ma ken ykoun.

Trucks want to get there so badly, so fast. This way they will be able to load their stuffs twice a day and double their money.

Why didn’t you stop the Gerrafe yalli kenit 3am betdawbil 3an kamyoun bi tal3it yasou3 el malak? because nobody was controlling this area? Or because nobody was dead?

Why didn’t you stop the lorry that was unloading 7jar baton bi nos el tari2 bi 2lei3at while hundreds of cars were waiting for more than an hour? Because hol teb3in lal 7akim?

My condolences for the families of those who had the bad luck to be present at the date and time where the truck driver was racing cars on the highway. They are martyrs of unapplied laws.


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