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Would a Quran burning day keep the muslims away???

September 13, 2010 @ One Comment
Would a Quran burning day keep the muslims away???

If Islam is a violent religion and is promoting violence according to Pastor Terry, should the Christians confront violence by the same?

It is no doubt that Islamic violence is emerging throughout the world, but this is not due to the Quran book! it is just a lack of knowledge and wrong explanation of those who are called “Callers to Islam” or the “Imams” entitled to advice Muslims according to Quran verses that are wrongly understood by many, or perhaps modified in order to suit nation’s needs accordingly.

The book itself is not as bad as it is represented to religions other than Islam. And I doubt the fact that any of the so-called media invaders have read it.

Blame the brains that are believing and defending force, torture, stabbing, killing and amputation. Do not blame the book.

Now as to build an Islamic center near ground zero, in my opinion this would be a kind of provocation for all the martyrs who died on 9/11 due to a Muslim terrorist attack.

I mean come on! Being the number one accused, shouldn’t you be in a position to defend yourself and explain your actions before trying to build another tool that would rather confirm and validate your crime??


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Would a Quran burning day keep the muslims away???, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

One Comment → “Would a Quran burning day keep the muslims away???”

  1. diana

    7 years ago

    quoran is the most violence book , coz it is writen in it that any muslim will kill a christian this muslim is gonna go to heaven .. come on still think that people understant the quran wrongly ??!! you can say that to those who cant read or understand arabic , but to me or to any christian who understand arabic you cant say that .. coz we read your foolish book , and any one read it knows that there is no relgion over the world call people to kill unless it is a devil relgion … woke up

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