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Would you quit Facebook?

May 14, 2010 @ No Comments
Would you quit Facebook?

Lots of privacy issues were raised lately among Facebook users concerning their personal info due to the latest connection of Facebook across the web.

Lots of users have deactivated their accounts permanently I still don’t know why! Is there any kind of threat if somebody knows my name or my birth date or the name of my pet and my fish and the amount of the virtual poker chips that I have?

Would it be a danger if anyone can view my restaurant city recipe, my Fashion bug co-op, or my splits in Friends Stocks?

I use some prevention methods to stay secure from rumors; one is to create a Facebook password that is different from all my other accounts, and two is not to use my credit card to purchase game credits but have an e-card instead that I can fund with the exact amount required for the purchase.

One last concern I might have, is the scam emails I receive. My email address could be retrieved from any other website and not only Facebook, I always have a “MARK AS JUNK” button that I can use.

Is it worth it to quit? Would you leave your wall unchecked every morning? What about the cows and the chicken coop?  Keep in mind that your terrier wouldn’t learn a new trick if for one day you miss his dog treat.

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