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SHISHAVAC Redefines The Hookah Experience

October 21, 2011 @ One Comment
SHISHAVAC Redefines The Hookah Experience

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Innovation and methodology combine to create a revolution in the Culture of the Nargile

CHICAGO, IL (October 21, 2011) Call it what you want – nargile, hookah, shisha, waterpipe
– but know this, people are passionate about smoking one. It’s a way of life, a centuries old
communal tradition that friends and family have treasured, also using non-tobacco blends.

Now nargile enthusiasts can enjoy a cleaner, easier and more pleasurable experience with the
Shishavac®, the world’s first nargile preparation and cleaning appliance. For many, it’s an idea
that is long overdue.

“Shishavac uniquely integrates four functions that clean, stoke, ignite and dry any nargile
pipe, all in one appliance,” says Tannous Company President Bishara. “Savoring the nargile
pipe should be a time to unwind and socialize. For many at home, and even for café operators,
prepping the nargile is a hassle with mixed results. Shishavac is the simple solution to streamline
these necessary tasks.”

The benefits of the Shishavac system promise to redefine the hookah experience:

Clean: Hoses were once nearly impossible to maintain, turning perfectly good hoses into
a disposable commodity. The Shishavac blasts residue particles that would otherwise
be inhaled. Shishavac’s high pressure, 600 watt blower delivers cleaner and safer hoses
every time.

Stoke: Why not start a pipe effortlessly? Deep huffing and puffing is often required to
initiate the nargile. With the Shishavac, one push of a button ensures an easy start and
eliminates tobacco exposure to the deep lung.

Ignite: Burn charcoal neatly and safely. Igniting coals can be a nightmare, not to mention
a mess. The process can even be dangerous. No more running to the stove and back for
ignition. The Shishavac charcoal ignition method employs an electric coil that heats to
near 800 degrees Celsius.

Dry: Dampness that causes mildew build-up is eliminated with the Shishavac blower
function. Clean and dry hoses are key to healthy nargile smoking.



For Immediate Release
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Waterpipe usage continues to climb. Americans alone purchase five times more nargile products
than just a few years ago. This superior appliance, manufactured with all high grade components,
is set to transform the nargile experience: simpler, cleaner, less harmful – and far more fun.

With smart LED icon displays, smoke and air filters, durable construction, charcoal basket and
burning center, universal port switches and an adjustable starter, the Shishavac guarantees a
highly simplified, intuitive interface by its stylish, world-class design.

To order or become a distributor, please visit

About the Tannous Company

Tannous is an innovator in nargile preparation, refining the age old custom of waterpipe
pleasure. The company strives to minimize the harm of nargile smoking and recommends non-
tobacco choices whenever possible.

For further information visit the website:
Or contact:
Jack Reed or Wafa Kanan
Unique Image, Inc.

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