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Nemr Abou Nassar – Lebanese Standup Comedian

January 18, 2010No Comments
Nemr Abou Nassar – Lebanese Standup Comedian

Nemr Abou Nassar A Lebanese stand-up comedian at the Casino Du Liban. Nemr Abou Nassar in his debut solo feature performance, ‘This is Why I’m Hot!’, all profits went to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon. Both shows sold out.

Maz Jobrani – Standup Comedian

January 18, 2010One Comment
Maz Jobrani – Standup Comedian

Maz Jobrani, a funny Iranian Standup Comedian

Good news and Bad news

December 2, 20092 Comments
Good news and Bad news

Abu El Abed (AA) answers the telephone, and it’s an Emergency Room doctor. Doctor: “Your wife was in a serious car accident, and I have bad news and good news. The bad news is she has lost all use of both arms and both legs, and will need help eating and going to the bathroom […]

A Prayer by a Lebanese Girl

November 10, 2009No Comments
A Prayer by a Lebanese Girl

A Prayer by a Lebanese Girl يا مار فرنسيـس ****** تبعتلي عريس يا يسوع المسيح******* يكون شكلو منيح يـا ســانـت تـريـز****** ما يكون متل التيس يـا قديسـة هيلانة ***** تكون جيوبوا مليانة يـــا مــارمــارون******* ما يكون مجنون يا عذراء العذارى****** يكون عندو سيارة يـــا مــار مـتـري****** يكون عفكري يا مار عبدو و لوقا***** تكون قامتو […]

Mohammad & Jean-Francois

April 24, 2009No Comments

Mohammad goes to school,….enters his classroom: ‘What is your name?’, asked the teacher. ‘Mohammad,’ answered the kid. ‘Here we are in France, there is no Mohammad, from now on your name will be Jean-Francois’, replied the teacher .. In the evening, Mohammad returned home. ‘The day went well Mohammad?’ asked his mother. ‘ MY name […]

See how romantic Lebanese guys can be!!!!!!!!!

March 11, 20092 Comments

– 7abaytik wein baytik?– 7ilo jismik shoo ismik?– 3tini bawsi min sheftek barki boukra ma3ash sheftek– Shoo hal kanzi ya 3anzi– Shoo hal jasad ya 2asad– Khalleh ma3ik cha2fit may la2enno l 7elo bi dabbi2– Shoo hal ta3jeh ya na3jeh– Shoo hal ja2ra ya ba2ra– Ya 7elo ya 7elo fi mennak 3a jello?!– Kif harabteh […]

Sarcastic “Lebanese People” by Ziad Rahbani

March 26, 2007One Comment

Don’t mind the accent! 🙂

CAR for Lebanon onlyyyyyyyy VERY FUNNY

March 7, 2007No Comments


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