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Syria – What’s Next?

April 12, 2011One Comment
Syria – What’s Next?

Pressure on the Syrian regime keeps mounting. What’s next? Will the regime fall? If it does, how will this impact Lebanon?

President Obama Meets with Lebanese President Sleiman

December 14, 2009One Comment
President Obama Meets with Lebanese President Sleiman

4 Days in Lebanon

March 8, 2009No Comments

Very nice video by Zoraida. It is though important to note that she mentioned in her video that 80% of Lebanon was destroyed 30 days after her 2006 visit. She must have been mistaken. What was destroyed was the strongholds of Hezbollah in the South. Several other areas were also hit, some bridges were destroyed. […]

Syria blocks Facebook in Internet crackdown

March 4, 2008No Comments

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis DAMASCUS (Reuters) – Syrian users of Facebook said on Friday the authorities had blocked access to the social network Web site as part of a crackdown on political activism on the Internet. “Facebook helped further civil society in Syria and form civic groups outside government control. This is why it has […]

Syria blockades Food to Lebanon

January 22, 2008No Comments

Just like Israel in Gaza, Syria blockades Food to LebanonTuesday, 22 January, 2008 @ 5:01 PM Beirut – Israeli blockade of fuel and vital supplies to Gaza was condemned worldwide as a new form of Israeli terrorism. Syria today is doing to Lebanon what Israel has done to Gaza. Lebanese MP Mustafa Hashem compared Israeli […]

Special report: Assad considers Lebanon a Syrian territory

January 14, 2008One Comment

Beirut- Al Watan newspaper of Kuwait has disclosed that president Bashar al Assad considers Lebanon a Syrian territory but run by rebels that threaten the Syrian regime. Diplomatic sources to Al Watan that Assad considers the Lebanese majority rebels that took away part of Syria . This separation according to Assad threatens the existence of […]

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